Man killed his best friend for the sake of money

Today's crime story is about a girl named Reena. She had a five year old daughter named Pari. She was married to Shyam when she was just 18 and her husband was killed in a brawl. He was killed by his own friend when they were fighting about money. They used to live with his brother, sister in law and a nephew. The girl didn’t like to stay in that home after her husband passed away.

She felt that her brother in law was playing a game with her. And she also thought that he was the reason behind his death. She thought that he killed him for the sake of money since he had settled the case with 20 lakh. She didn’t like it so she wanted to go away from them and she also felt that she was treated as a maid. So she left that home with her daughter.

She started living alone and she used to work around in the field and earn their livelihood. There was a guy who sued to like her a lot. He followed her everywhere and he did everything for her as he could. She was never warm to him neither she liked him. But she knew he likes her a lot and she made a plan in her mind. She wanted to take revenge for killing her husband.

Since she thought that her brother in law was behind all this so she wanted to kill him. She misused him for this; she asked him to prove his love by killing that man who killed her husband. He killed him for that.

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