One killed in an internal fight

Crime story is the crime program that has been broadcasted from the Sony Television. The main motto of the program is to create awareness among the people about ongoing crime and how this are being the part of society. The program is created to wake people and let them know how the people are being the victim of many things and how innocent people are paying back for so many things.

The program also helps people to know about the crime that takes place in unknown. And above all the main aim of the program is to make people know about the police and their incredible job too.  Today's crime story is about woman called Mishti. She got married with a guy named Prashanjeet. She married him against the wish of her parents.

Her parents never wanted her to get married with him since he was jobless and they were poor. But the girl was in love with him a and she wanted to be with him. One day she was returning from her office and she saw that her mother in law was with a woman. Then she comes home where she sees a curly hair in her husband's shirt. This was doubtful and she asked him what that was? The guy tells that may be it is of yours but she tells him that she has a straight hair.

Then she goes to ask her mother in law and she tells her that it might be mine. She tells her not to doubt him so much. But she had a clue about it that something is fishy and she could smell it. So she plans to learn about it and she tells him that she is going out for a work. Then after some time she comes and they were shocked to see her.


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