Pandra Gate

Here is a short comedy video called Pandra Gatey. The video is really beautiful and entertaining. In the video we can see Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bansa Acharya. Two of them have been a legend of comedy and they are loved by everyone. As always, they have again made an amazing pair and we can see the amazing performance of them. The scenario of the video goes like this, Hari Bansa is playing the role of Madan Krishna's son and he now wants to get married by 15th and he is telling his parents he has to get married anyhow.

Now his parents are in big trouble as they don’t know how to find him a girl so soon. He was not taking back his decision and this was making a serious issue in his family. His parents were really tired of him as he was not listening to anyone. They had started the preparation for his wedding.

They brought him clothes for his wedding, jewelry and everything. But one thing that was bothering them was how they are going to find a bride. This was a big problem. They had no idea how they are going to find a girl. The next day Baikuntha was walking with his father and they were talking about finding a girl.


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