Halkara at Asian World Film Fest in Los Angeles

डिसी नेपाल
२३ कार्तिक २०८० १९:४५

Nepali diaspora in Los Angeles to come is coming together and support an outstanding cinematic achievement from Nepal. “Halkara,” Nepal’s official entry for the 2024 Oscar Awards, has been officially selected to be showcased at the prestigious Asian World Film Festival (AWFF) in Los Angeles. This is a remarkable opportunity to not only enjoy a fantastic film but also celebrate the rich tapestry of Nepali culture and cinema.

The Asian World Film Festival (AWFF) is a platform that brings the best of Asian World cinema to the heart of Los Angeles. It aims to increase recognition of the incredible talent within the Asian film industry while strengthening ties between the Asian and Hollywood film worlds. This festival is not just about movies; it’s a celebration of the diverse cultures, stories, and voices that make up the Asian cinematic landscape.

“Halkara” stands as a testament to the creativity and resilience of the Nepali film industry. It’s a heartfelt story that has earned its place on the global stage by being Nepal’s official submission to the 2024 Oscar Awards. The film’s selection for AWFF is a testament to its quality and significance in the world of cinema.

So, to all Nepali diaspora members living in Los Angeles, this is a unique opportunity to show your support for “Halkara” and the Nepali film industry as a whole. Let’s come together, celebrate our heritage, and join hands with film enthusiasts from across the city at the Asian World Film Festival.


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