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Run to Reunify…For us it could be a lession!

A man running for the reunification of divided Korea. He aims to pass 16,000 KM under his Peace Marathon all the way from Netherlands to South Korea.

The runner for reunification runs with a tiny cart.

The peace lover started his mission in September 2017. His “Peace Marathon” hope to end in October 2018 but it has been extended due to visas and other issues while crossing boarder of multi nations. Targeted duration was 13 months and distance is 16,000 KM. His hope for reunification is so strong and he himself is persistent.

Reunification is the root hope of Korea- they insisted while I met a stunning family living at Sofia in Bulgaria. There are millions of people waiting for reunification of their divided nation, they mentioned. They added, he is not running alone; together with him there are hundreds and thousands of souls, separated families and their hopes. A lady in the family wipes her demanding eyes while cooking Korean food for this Mara-man to keep fit.

I was melting with a hot cup of coffee and the man’s passion for reunification.Mrs. Lee HyeKeum added, our family were and are fighting for the reunifying Korea just after the division leaving half of the family and fortunes in North Korea. She knows the reasons of division but could not explain, as she was already in full of pains.

Keys of panels are with US and threatening North Korea however they have held a historic summit on 10 May 2018. On the other hand isolated North Korea does have no means to keep their sovereignty except testing missiles for the defense. So the reunification is a must. The Korean family in Sofia believes.

The man running to reunite does not care anything but reunification in a peaceful way. The hope for reunification gave oxygen to many families to achieve their goal.  The man is crossing EURASIA with slogan of “Peacefully reuniting Korea”.They shouted, they have shown, they have cried, they have endured and they have swallowed the pains and painful hours and hours.

Korea was divided during the Korean Warin 1952.  South Korea with support of American defense army while North Korea defends them with the nuclear power and it successfully tested long range of missiles. In these uncomfortable circumstances the meaningful ‘Peace Marathon’ for unification of Korea is a lesson and message for all peacekeeper, seekers and makers.

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